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Strong Mind, Better Future

A strong mind can conquer the world. In today’s high stressed corporate and business environment, employees’ mind wellness and health are to be kept intact to achieve the best productivity.  Multimeta Metaverse Solutions ( www.multimeta-llc.com ) launches MindPowVR™, the first ever AI enabled SaaS based Virtual Guru to guide all the employees and general public to achieve mind wellness, focus and high productivity. 

MindPowVR transports you to the your favorite & peaceful environments, such as top of hills surrounded by clouds, lonely beaches, moonlight water falls etc etc.,  where you desire to immerse yourself to see the virtual guru guiding you to achieve the strong mind from multiple sessions of mindfulness and self-hypnosis. 

Corporate HR can buy their credits in bulk and offer it to the employees as pert of Employee Wellness Program. Gyms shape the body, MindPowVR™ shapes the mind. Please contact : mindpow.vr@multimeta-llc.com for more details and demo.

All you have to do is to download MindPowVR™ – VR based app, subscribe credits, indulge in sessions and achieve the mind wellness, focus and high productivity. 

Your mind is your most powerful asset!


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